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MEDICAL JOURNAL REVEALS BREAKTHROUGH IN HUNGER CONTROL New Clinically-Tested Dietary Supplement Helps Reduce Appetite

Klaumwell Research Labs, LLC, U.S., a subsidiary of Italian multinational Medestea Internazionale, announced positive results from a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study published in the prestigious, peer-reviewed International Journal of Obesity which demonstrates the efficacy of key ingredients contained in a new appetite control spray. Fullfast™ is a clinically tested dietary supplement that helps reduce excessive feelings of hunger. Containing a proprietary blend of natural botanical extracts, Fullfast™ uses an innovative mouth spray delivery system to facilitate quick ingestion and absorption of its key ingredients. The product is formulated to influence signals in the center of the brain, the hypothalamus, which helps control hunger.

“This product will be welcomed enthusiastically by people who struggle to follow a weight-loss regimen because they feel hungry while dieting,” says Eddie Catalfamo, Klaumwell Research Labs President & CEO. “Fullfast™ is easy to use and delivers a pleasant tasting natural mist that helps control hunger.”

The key ingredient in Fullfast’s patented Hydroxytonin Complex™ is Griffonia Simplicifolia seed extract, which is a natural source of 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). 5-HTP is an important precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is necessary for the body to help regulate mood and control appetite. The other natural botanical extracts found in the formula include gotu kola, dandelion root and artichoke leaf which are all rich in active principles that help with drainage, purification and detoxification. Other ingredients include Guarana extract and Klamath Algae (natural source of phenylethylamine) which may also play a role in regulating appetite. For best results, use as directed five times a day before breakfast, mid-morning, before lunch, mid-afternoon and before dinner.

The findings of the two-month study involving overweight women conducted by scientists at the University of Pavia, Italy, indicate 5HTP-natural extracts may be safely used to reduce hunger and treat the problem of appetite control in a weight loss program. None of the researchers involved in the study have any affiliation with Medestea. The study has been reviewed by Dr. John Fernstrom, Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology Research Director – UPMC Weight Management Center, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Available in February 2010, new Fullfast™ lemon-lime flavored vegetarian formula retails at $29.99 for a one-month supply and can be purchased at select GNC stores or online at www.gnc.com and www.fullfast.com. Retail distribution will be expanding throughout February and March 2010.

Dr. Fernstrom is available for interviews by appointment only. Please contact Rosica PR to schedule interviews or request product samples.

Medestea Internazionale S.p.A. was founded in Torino, Italy in 1990 under the trademarks Clinians and Sant’Angelica, two lines of leading cosmetology and dietary supplements in the mass market and pharmacy markets. Medestea is the only European company awarded the best product of the year in the dietary supplement market in such countries as the U.S., Australia, Argentina, U.K. and Spain. Today, Medestea Internazionale represents Medestea USA Holding, Inc., whose U.S. subsidiaries, Klaumwell Research Labs, LLC and Santica Research Labs, LLC which distributes its products in North and South America.