Professional Disposables International, Inc. (PDI®), the leader in manufacturing high quality domestic baby wipes, introduces the Nice ’n Clean® Baby Wipes 80-count Solo® Soft pak. The new soft-pak packaging replaces the tub packaging, offering clinicians easier dispensing while reducing waste. The tissue box-type dispenser allows for single-handed use.

This is a packaging change only. There will be no change in the order numbers for the Nice ‘n Clean Baby Wipes 80-count Solo® Pak Scented and Unscented. However, the Nice ‘n Clean Baby Wipes 80-count Scented and Unscented Refills will be discontinued.

Nice ‘n Clean® Premium Baby Wipes are designed for extra comfort and strength, and include a hypoallergenic formula with aloe and Vitamin E. These wipes were developed for use on a baby’s soft and delicate skin and are available in both a scented and unscented formulas in a variety of products. This includes the 80 count scented and unscented Solo® Soft Paks, 40 count scented and unscented Solo® Soft Paks, and a 12 count scented travel pak. PDI also provides a 40 count Sensitive Newborn Solo® Soft Pak featuring an equally effective unscented milder formula.

As the leader in healthcare baby wipes, PDI prides their products on performance and reliability, which has continued to encourage loyalty among its users. PDI ensures that their Nice ‘n Clean Premium Baby Wipes always deliver national brand quality at an exceptional value.

For 30 years PDI has pioneered the development, testing, manufacturing and marketing of pre-moistened wipes as the optimum delivery system for skin antisepsis, hand hygiene, patient and surface care. With such trusted brands as Sani-Cloth®, Sani-Hands® ALC, Sani-Hands® for Kids, Hygea® and Chlorascrub™, PDI serves the healthcare market through hospitals, physician and dental offices, emergency medical services, long-term care, schools and a variety of other healthcare facilities. Professional Disposables International, Inc. is headquartered in Orangeburg, New York. For more information, visit