Pet owners love to pamper their pups with all types of toys that end up destroyed too quickly. Owners can now keep their dogs content while saving money and messes. TELEbrands, the company that has been keeping dogs and their owners happy with products such as the PediPaws™ and Doggy Steps™, is now offering a more durable, stronger and realistic looking dog toy.

The new CrazyCritters™ are durable, stuffing-free plush toys that all dogs – large or small – will love. The toy’s design eliminates the risk dogs will ingest fillers or create inconvenient messes. Combining the best elements of dog toys, they come with squeakers at both ends and are ideal for chewing and playing fetch.

Crazy Critters™ are machine washable so they are perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Their super-strong and durable exterior won’t reinforce negative chewing behavior and discourages dogs from chewing up furniture and other household items. Great for all types of dogs, Crazy Critters are available in Raccoon and Fox styles for a low cost of $9.99 and are available in Walgreens, CVS, PetSmart, Rite Aid, and Wal-Mart as well as online at www.getcrazycritter.com.

TELEBrands Corp., headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, was founded in 1983 by entrepreneur A.J. Khubani. Since its inception, the company has brought fun and useful inventions to consumers worldwide and has launched more products through direct response television than any other company in history. TELEBrands products such as the PedEgg, PediPaws, Westinghouse® StickUp Bulb and the GoDuster are sold through television advertising, the Internet and in retail stores in over 100 countries around the world. For more information visit www.telebrands.com.