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Magnetize It! by Kymaro is the New Quick Fashion Fixer Accessory

Kymaro, the figure-fixing fashion experts, announced Magnetize It as the newest addition to its line of beauty and lifestyle products. New Magentize It by Kymaro is a functional quick-fix for wardrobe mishaps and a fashionable way to transform your clothes. These handy magnets eliminate the need for expensive tailoring, sewing equipment or adhesives. Change the length of any pants or replace missing buttons without leaving permanent holes or marks; just fold, snap and you’re ready to go.

Sometimes pants don’t need hemming, but just aren’t the right length for those cute new flats. Magnetize It can turn your long pants into stylish capris instantly, just in time for summer! These custom lightweight, yet powerful magnets, are designed to adhere to the toughest denim or softest silk.

Magnetize It can be used to add flair and accessorize the accessories in your wardrobe including boots, hats, jackets and purses, and scarves. A belt with a broken buckle or that’s too big or small can be quickly fixed with a Magnetize It.

Available in the Bling or Black Collection or the Gold or Silver Hearts and Swirls Collection, Magnetize It comes in packages of four for $19.95 and can be found at www.buymagnetizeit.com