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Pediatricians Rank Temporal Artery Thermometry #1 for the Second Consecutive Year

Temporal artery (TA) thermometry was ranked #1 in ease of use and overall preference by more pediatricians than any other thermometry method for two consecutive years, according to a recent survey of physicians. Of the 317 survey respondents, 50.8 percent of pediatricians chose TA thermometry over traditional methods based on ease of use and 34.3 percent ranked it number one based on overall preference.

The survey findings reinforce the already extensive, and rapidly growing acceptance of TA thermometry by medical professionals as a reliable method of measuring temperature more quickly and accurately than the more traditional options, said Francesco Pompei, Ph.D.,CEO of Exergen Corporation.  These statistics demonstrate why the patented TemporalScanner is the preferred thermometer in thousands of hospitals and pediatricians offices nationwide. 

Temperature taking is one of the most frequent activities performed by healthcare workers as part of a basic health assessment and is typically the starting point for patient interaction. Based on commentary that accompanied survey responses, pediatricians felt it was crucial to obtain temperature readings with the non-invasive TemporalScanner in order to build patient relationships and comfort levels.

 According to one respondent, We like the ease and non-invasiveness of the temporal artery thermometers, especially with our more timid patients. The survey was conducted by Pragmatic Research, Inc. and pediatricians were not told Exergen sponsored it. The results were consistent with other independent research involving nurses and other healthcare professionals in various clinical settings.

Exergen Corporation is recognized worldwide as an innovator and leading manufacturer of patented infrared thermometers, scanners, sensors and controls.  Its products are used in a wide variety of industrial and medical applications for both professionals and consumers. For additional information, visit www.exergen.com.