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As Seen On Tv, Breathe New Life Into Broken Zippers

From jackets and backpacks to purses and jeans, zippers are essential to many household items.  With over 500 zippers in the average household, repairing or replacing them can be an expensive hassle.  In many cases, once the zipper breaks, the item is thrown away.  The Instant Zipper™ is the world’s first do-it-yourself solution to any broken zipper saving time, money and heartbreak over damaged items.

“The Instant Zipper is the cost-effective alternative to discarding items prematurely or finding a last-minute tailor,” said Kevin Harrington, investor “shark” on ABC’s Shark Tank and founder and Chairman of TVGoods, Inc. “It’s the rebirth of the traditional zipper.”

The Instant Zipper features a patented jaw design that opens and snaps closed onto any zipper, making it the only remedy that does not require a needle and thread.  It is available in a variety of colors – black, bronze, gold and silver – to match common zipper tracks.  Each four-pack includes a variety of sizes – 5C, 5B, 8B and 3B – to repair small and large-scale damages on items from designer boots to heavy duty outdoor apparel.  The Instant Zipper can be purchased for $19.99/four-pack at www.instantzipper.com.

Designed for easy application and removal, the Instant Zipper can be reused over and over again, extending the life of household investments and minimizing the cost of repair or replacement. The pocket-friendly four-pack is a must-have for home emergency kits or while traveling.

About TV Goods, Inc.

TVGoods, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of H&H Imports, Inc., a public company.  TVGoods is a Direct Response marketing organization created by Kevin Harrington, a pioneer and principal architect of the infomercial industry and star of ABC Television’s Shark Tank series. With offices in the United States and Canada, TV Goods, Inc. identifies, develops and markets winning consumer products for global distribution.