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Brightfeet™ – The Light At The End Of The Hallway

Tired of stumbling around in the dark on a midnight trip to the bathroom?  Hesitant to turn on a light and wake up a sleeping spouse?  BrightFeet Lighted Slippers shed new light on nighttime navigation with built-in LED sensors that clearly and softly illuminate 25 feet in front of wherever you go at night, whether checking on baby, letting Fido go outside or grabbing a midnight snack.  


Fully-automatic BrightFeet slippers turn on in the dark and turn off when it’s light.  Because they have built-in weight sensors, they only work when you’re wearing them.  Step into them at night and they instantly turn on; when removed, they stay on for eight seconds then dim and turn off, giving you time to safely return to bed. Available in blue and beige and in sizes for both men and women, BrightFeet Lighted Slippers are available for $19.95 online at www.asseenontv.com and at select retailers. 


BrightFeet Lighted Slippers are made with soft, double sided fleece, durable non-skid rubber soles, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Slippers, a flashlight and a nightlight in one, BrightFeet make a perfect gift and are a must-have item for night owls of all ages.


About TV Goods, Inc.


TVGoods, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of As Seen On TV, Inc., a public company.  TVGoods is a Direct Response marketing organization created by Kevin Harrington, a pioneer and principal architect of the infomercial industry and star of ABC Television’s Shark Tank series.  With offices in the United States and Canada, TV Goods, Inc. identifies, develops and markets winning consumer products for global distribution.