Speyburn Featured in The Taste Panel’s January 2013 Issue

Defying the Recession, One Bottle at a Time
The Year Gets off to a Heady Start with Pricey Releases

The Scotch whisky industry goes into 2013 in good heart and buoyant mood.  Apparently untouched by global economic doom and gloom, all the talk is of expansion, new markets and further releases – the more expensive the better.

Typical of this trend is the latest Speyburn 25 Year Old (typical retail $315, through International Beverage Holdings). Actually, by today’s standards, that seems quite a modest price for a lovely whisky that curiously is better known and feted in the U.S than its homeland.  Quite why Speyburn should be one of the top five single malts in the U.S and virtually unknown in Scotland is a mystery to me, but I’d suggest grabbing a few bottles before the word finally gets out in the hills and glens.