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Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™ Thwart Rome Metro Thief

With rampant pick-pocketing making headlines in Paris, Rome and other international tourist destinations, an ingeniously designed pair of pants is stopping would-be thieves in their tracks. Pick-Pocket Proof Pants, a travel wear brand created by Clothing Arts, Ltd., recently prevented four would-be thefts in Rome.  Ernest Taliaferro, an American tourist in Rome, credits the brand for preventing a pick-pocket on the metro.

“I checked my rear pocket and the left side of the flap was unbuttoned, but the zipper was closed,” said Taliaferro. “I caught the eye of my wife and said, ‘pick-pocket,’ loudly. When I did, a red-headed woman whirled her head around and shot me a killer look of hatred; probably because she had been foiled by my Pick-Pocket Proof Pants.”

Pick-Pocket Proof Pants have protected travelers from thefts in Rome, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro – in 2013 alone.  Another customer, Armin said:
“We were in Rome when the pickpockets hit on the tube.  One friend lost his new iPhone.  My husband’s phone was safe in the cargo pocket.  They got one button open, but were thwarted by the other button and snap!  Yeah! Thanks again – worth every penny and they look great.”

Pick-Pocket Proof Pants are the brainchild of Adam Rapp, an avid adventure traveler who created them because the travel pants he wanted – and needed – didn’t exist. Rapp was tired of uncomfortable, unattractive travel wear, and after a run-in with a pick pocket in Xian, China, became determined to create a solution.

Clothing Arts’ Pick-Pocket Proof Pants feature multiple-levels of security. Front pants pockets feature a button flap, zipper closure and hidden, inner smart phone pocket. Rear pockets conceal button flaps and zipper closures, providing two layers of defense against fast fingers.  Also, there is a hidden triple secure passport pocket protecting what is most valuable. Cargo pockets are slash-resistant, to keep the most determined and dangerous pick-pockets at bay.

Europe has seen a drastic increase in pick-pocket crimes over the past few months, especially in tourist meccas like The Sistine Chapel and The Louvre, which was recently shut down for days because of a spate of pick-pocketing.

About Clothing Arts
Entrepreneur and adventure traveler Adam Rapp spent years developing Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™, or P^cubed, after spending time in the most dangerous locations in the world, including remote parts of India and China.  A victim himself of pick-pocketing while far away from home – along with similar experiences from friends – spurred Rapp to design and manufacture the highly effective, comfortable and stylish clothing line. Available in adventure pants and shorts, business pants, convertible pants and even shirts, Clothing Arts’ items enable travelers to protect their most valuable personal belongings. For more information, please visit www.clothingarts.com.