First Cuttlefish Dietary Supplement Debuts – New Squid Ink Antioxidant Health Properties in a Convenient Capsule

Fish oil supplements are widely used and commonly recommended by a broad spectrum of healthcare practitioners.  Cuttlefish, also known as calamari or squid, is specifically drawing attention as a source of health and nutritional benefits, most notably its antioxidant properties, as seen on Dr. Oz. (  Based on an increasing body of scientific findings, Calamari Ink Products is now introducing Calagenesis, the first-ever cuttlefish ink dietary supplement to concentrate on immune health benefits and make them more widely available.

The health properties of cuttlefish are due to their species-specific ink sacs containing liquid that is now being studied for its immunity, antioxidant, and other benefits. Scientists are also exploring cuttlefish ink’s ability to help inhibit tumor growth.

The Joe Monani Fish Company, a 90-year-old family seafood company, conceived the idea and developed the product with industry experts. The all-natural, concentrated squid ink extract capsule is a proprietary blend of immunity and antioxidant ingredients made up of 20 percent cuttlefish ink.

“Calagenesis brings the powerful antioxidant punch found in dark vegetables, grains and beans to consumers in a convenient, easy to digest capsule,” says Salvatore Ruggiero, President of Calamari Ink Products. “Calagenesis is testament to the new findings that black really is the new green.”

One bottle of Calagenesis contains 60 capsules.


About Calamari Ink Products

Calamari Ink Products is an innovative dietary supplement company driven to bring the health of the sea to consumers.  As a business that has its roots in the seafood business, Calamari Ink Products also offers seafood based alternative health remedy supplements to counteract joint pain, aid in calorie burning and support a healthy cardiovascular system.