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BeneCard PBF Delivers Purely Transparent PBM Services

Already Exceeds Trump Administration’s Plan for Pharmacy Benefit Managers

The Trump administration recently released its Blueprint in Brief, outlining challenges and key strategies for needed change in the American drug market. The administration has asked for input to inform these actions, and BeneCard PBF welcomes this discussion. In fact, the company has pioneered a transparent PBM model that goes above and beyond the administration’s plan.

Transparency represents a key part of the administration’s plan to lower drug prices. This is the foundation upon which BeneCard PBF was established ten years ago. The company not only offers patient’s real-time detailed pricing information to support decision making, they also encourage annual audits to verify their model and results. This evolved PBM model invites an open dialogue and places patients at the center of coordinated care. The company’s transparent approach and advanced clinical programs eliminate waste and deliver improved health outcomes and cost savings.

As PBMs combine with health plans and get bigger, patients get smaller. Most of the PBM industry focuses on profit-margins, mergers, and acquisitions. BeneCard PBF focuses on people with a unique business model that drives improved health outcomes and immediately passes through savings. The company’s experience has proven that an emphasis on patient-centric clinical coordination of care allows the development of advanced clinical programs that truly focus on improved health outcomes.  This personalized health management, made possible by a transparent PBM model that puts people first, contains drugs costs.

BeneCard PBF delivers clinically focused, ethical and transparent pharmacy benefit services. Its advanced technology easily adapts to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry. Although drug costs continue to rise, and the PBM industry’s average seven-year prescription trend sits at 47.80%, BeneCard PBF’s seven-year trend is less than half of that at 19.67%. Lower prescription trends generate savings that compound year over year, and BeneCard PBF continues to outperform the industry.

BeneCard PBF is a national, full-service Prescription Benefit Manager that excels in patient-centric care. The company defies industry norms and delivers clinically focused, ethical and purely transparent PBM solutions. To achieve proven lower net costs, the company aligns its interests with its clients’ needs through proactive clinical programs and award-winning customer service. For more information, visit www.benecardpbf.com, or contact Hugh Gallagher at 267-605-6428.