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How Green Does Your Garden Really Grow?

There are plenty of ways to make your garden greener – both literally and environmentally speaking. Joe Sharp, founding member of the Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers™, offers tips for maintaining an eco-friendly garden. What you do on your garden is not dissimilar to what Coalition members do on thousands of acres containing millions of Christmas trees.

Sharp’s Tips:

1. Plant indigenous plants that will thrive easily in your climate
2. Use all-natural compost made from vegetable scraps rather than fertilizer
3. Harvest rainwater to capture mineral- and chlorine-free water for watering
4. Plant herbs and flowers to attract helpful insects such as bees and butterflies
5. Feed the birds—birds keep harmful insects at bay
6. Invest in plants animals don’t prefer to eat to limit use of chemical deterrents
7. Don’t use herbicides and pesticides
8. Plant wildflowers to prevent erosion

The Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (6) entity focusing on consumer education and a Grower Certification that identifies responsible, earth-friendly tree growers. For more information please visit www.christmastreeoregon.com .

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