Long-gone are the days of assorted kitchen appliances to blend, chop, purée and juice. Consumers now can feel energized, lose weight and live longer with the new Living Well with Montel HealthMaster™, a blender that performs the functions of more than 20 supplementary kitchen appliances. It processes both wet and dry ingredients, blending recipes for energy drinks and smoothies, ice cream, homemade soups and natural nut butters—even chewy granola bars. The HealthMaster is available for purchase on MyHealthMaster.com for $199.96.

Montel Williams, an Emmy award winning entertainer and host of the new Living Well series, consumes half of his daily intake in the form of blended juices. He is convinced his diet has helped him successfully manage his Multiple Sclerosis. “I believe in the HealthMaster blender. I use it daily to make vegetable and blended drinks as part of a natural treatment for MS. Since altering my diet, I have taken control of my medical condition. Not only does my skin look great but I have more energy.” The Living Well series markets the blender.

The HealthMaster’s design enables effortless food preparation without compromising efficiencies. The machine can perform numerous processing functions while working with one large batch. It features a 1100-watt, dual horsepower motor with a 100-year warranty and commercial-grade culinary angled stainless steel blades that emulsify at over 3000 RPM. Such blending reduces graininess and results in mixtures that don’t chunk or separate for extended periods of time. “It does the job of 20 kitchen appliances in one, so it’s a great space and time saver,” says Tristar CEO, Keith Mirchandani. The centrifugal friction allows soup to naturally cook, while simultaneously presenting the option to make a frozen sorbet—all with the same machine.

Tristar Products Inc., the manufacturer and marketer of the Living Well with Montel HealthMaster is headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey. With a presence in over 100 countries and more than $1 billion in total sales, Tristar has a well-earned reputation for integrity and quality products. Products range from home appliances, fitness equipment and sports gear to health and beauty programs that are endorsed by celebrities Jack LaLanne, Montel Williams, Carol Alt, Denise Austin, Gilad Janklowicz, Brenda DyGraff, Tiki and Ronde Barber, and Bruce and Chris Jenner, among others.