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New Nursing Study Shows Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer Increases Patient, Family and Provider Satisfaction; Speeds Triage Process

A new study published in American Journal of Nursing[1] affirms that temporal artery thermometers (TAT) improve pediatric care in emergency departments by providing a painless, noninvasive, accurate, and consistent method of screening patients. The study finds temporal artery thermometers to be the best practice for accurate temperature measurement for children younger than five years in the emergency department (ED), compared to rectal thermometry, an invasive form of measurement that slows the triage process.

The study was conducted at two medical center campuses in a multicenter health care network in Philadelphia – an 11-bed ED in a community setting and a 60-bed trauma center in an urban area. Participants were stratified on the basis of age (older than 90 days and less than five years) who presented no potential infectious complaints. Temporal artery thermometers were used to measure patient temperature and nurses completed evaluation forms to gather findings and reports.

The study shows all 18 nurses who completed the survey felt confident in the accuracy of measurement when using the TemporalScanner. Sixteen of those nurses strongly agreed that TAT measurement moved the patient through the triage process quickly; improving quality of care, satisfying both the patient and their family. Overall, the TemporalScanner was found effective in providing a less traumatizing method of temperature measurement.

“The adoption of the TemporalScanner in emergency departments allows nurses to provide consistent, quick and accurate readings in a noninvasive manner, which aligns with their preferred method of patient care,” said Francesco Pompei, Ph.D., CEO of Exergen Corporation. “The Exergen TemporalScanner’s accuracy is backed by more than 50-peer reviewed published clinical studies, setting it apart from other thermometers, and providing a more comfortable and accurate alternative to other temperature methods,” added Dr. Pompei.


Exergen markets two models of the TemporalScanner thermometer: a professional version for doctors’ offices and hospitals, and a consumer model sold in major retailers nationwide. More than one billion temperatures are taken each year with the TemporalScanner. It is used in thousands of hospitals, clinics and pediatricians’ offices across the country, as well as in millions of homes. It is the #1 preference of pediatricians in the US, #1 preference of nurses, and #1 selling retail thermometer. The Exergen TemporalScanner’s performance is supported by more than 50 peer-reviewed published studies covering all ages from preterm infants to geriatrics and all care areas from hospitals to homes. For additional information, visit www.exergen.com.

[1] Hurwitz, B., Brown, J., & Altmiller, G. (2015). Improving Pediatric Temperature Measurement in the ED.  American Journal of Nursing. 115(9), 48-55.