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HALOLIFE Helps the Homeless in Austin

HALOLIFE mask donation

HALOLIFE recently teamed up with Hearing the Homeless to distribute HALOmasks to those in need in Austin, TX, a city being hit hard by COVID-19. In Travis County, Texas, there are now more than 28,000 confirmed coronavirus cases with more than 400 deaths, with numbers growing. What’s more, as of May, the homeless population reached 2,506, an 11% increase from last year. With COVID-19 outbreaks happening at homeless shelters across America, including high-profile cases in Alaska, Hawaii, and Atlanta, health experts are concerned about the virus’ spread among this at-risk community. Fortunately, the city of Austin has been working hard to provide resources to the homeless to get through the pandemic safely.

HALOLIFE, which makes reusable, high-quality face masks that block more than 98% of harmful airborne particulates, including coronavirus, is committed to helping the homeless, protecting them and their communities. Therefore, HALO distributed masks and other essential supplies like water, socks, and clothing at the Austin event. As reflected in the Stateman story, Terry Accor, who has been experiencing homelessness for the past six months, is grateful to have received a HALOmask during this challenging time.

“There’s no place that the virus is doing more damage than to our homeless brothers and sisters,” said Steve Ehrenreich, affiliate director with HALOLIFE. Join HALOLIFE in the effort and read the full article here: https://www.statesman.com/news/20200912/reusable-masks-distributed-to-austinrsquos-neediest