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3 New Twitter Features You Need to Know About

Twitter features for organizations
Major social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are constantly testing out new features to modify the user timeline experience. Staying up-to-date with new platform features will help organizations build relationships, strengthen their digital footprint, and keep up with the ever-changing pulse of social media.  
Recently, Twitter introduced new features that allow users to remove themselves from conversation threads, co-author tweets, and even send tweets to a select group of people in a “Twitter Circle.”  

Twitter users can now unmention themselves from conversations 

Twitter began testing this new feature in April, which allows users to “unmention” themselves from conversations they do not want to be included in. Sometimes you want to see yourself out,” Twitter said in a tweet. “Take control of your mentions and leave a conversation with “unmentioning,” now rolling out to all Twitter users on all devices.”  

Organizations can start using this feature today but must update the Twitter app before accessing this tool. Simply use the top three dots on your screen to leave the conversation you are mentioned in. Once that choice is selected, the user will no longer be tagged in the conversation or receive notifications about it – and others in the conversation will see that that person or company has opted out. 

Twitter is testing a co-tweet function 

In recent months, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and now Twitter have rolled out features that open the door to more ways for collaboration on social media. Co-creation can allow opportunity for partnerships with other organizations and have a chance of increased visibility and engagement.   

Twitter has started to explore a function that enables users to co-author tweets. People who already have access to the feature are shown an option to “tweet together with co-tweets.” Invitees will be able to accept or decline opportunities to co-tweet. Twitter also announced that if users accept a co-tweet and change their minds afterward, they can remove themselves from that tweet at any time. If testing goes well, this Twitter feature could be here to stay. 

Twitter has a new close friends feature 

Following Instagram’s lead, Twitter has rolled-out their own close friends feature called “Twitter Circle.” This feature allows people to send out tweets to a select group of up to 150 users. Users will be able to restrict certain tweets to their personally curated Twitter Circle.  

While some users might utilize these circles to send out their own snarky tweets or hot takes, Twitter Circle can be used for exclusive subscription-based content, or to build community with a select group of loyal consumers. 

Staying up to date with new app features is vital in keeping up with the latest trends and developments, which can protect and promote your organization.  

Nonprofits can particularly benefit from contributing to online discourse about their sector, increasing exposure, and building community. Although some of the listed features are still in testing mode, they are promising upgrades. Experimenting with these new features will allow organizations to keep producing thoughtful content, increase engagement, and stay current!