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Why Your Organization Should Be Using Linktree

Benefits of using linktree

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Does your organization use an online link manager to strengthen calls to action on social media? We are seeing more and more clients adopt this social media practice, which adds value and makes their social media pages more user friendly.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a free tool that allows you to smartly and cleanly share multiple links on all of your social profiles, which adds value to your organization and its followers.

What does it look like and how does it work?

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Instead of being confined to having one link-in-bio at a time, Linktree allows users to customize and manage multiple links that followers can click. Another great bonus of Linktree is that it can be used across platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Utilizing Linktree allows users to keep all their content in one place, seamlessly integrating everything from educational articles to event sign-up links and other calls to action. Once your Linktree is established, you can add your customized link in your bio and never have to worry about adding individual links again!

Communicate Your Brand 

Linktree offers a variety of templates so that users can create a layout that aligns with their desired branding and color themes. The ability to customize makes it a platform that a variety of organizations can leverage. Education companies and nonprofits, for example, may consider using Linktree to direct followers to informative articles about learning, while healthcare companies may use it to direct users to their various social media profiles. The versatility of Linktree is appealing because every organization can use it so it meets their digital needs and goals.

How to Organize Your Linktree

A successful Linktree will prioritize the most important and compelling links that are likely to drive engagement. When adding links, keep the names simple and concise so that users are clear about where links will take them so they can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Promoting important links through Linktree gets you more exposure because users will find the information they want with little or no effort. Users can be steered to landing pages that are blog articles, URLs, company announcements, eBooks, original podcasts, video content, media mentions, newsletter sign-ups, or other content and news. Updating links every week or two is a good way to help keep content fresh and allow users to receive regular updates on your organization. Additionally, linking to your accounts or content on other platforms will help bring awareness and drive traffic to other places that might have less followers, like a new YouTube channel or sluggish email list. Performing a weekly assessment of what links drive the most traffic will help ensure you reach your online marketing and communications goals.

Concluding Thoughts

Linktree is functional and customizable, a great way for any organization, nonprofit or for-profit, to showcase their offerings, knowledge base, thought leadership, talent, and capabilities. It is highly recommended because of its all-in-one ability to direct stakeholders to your website and services you have to offer. Keeping links organized creates a desirable experience for users and followers, one that can keep them engaged so you grow community and build advocacy. Organizations looking to drive traffic and increase overall brand awareness should consider creating their own Linktree.