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Working with Purpose Makes a World of Difference

When an organization bakes mission and purpose into its culture, it generates several opportunities. Businesses can effectively set themselves apart from the competition, build employee morale (and a unified team), and appeal to their customers’ desires to work with companies that are committed to making a difference. Since our founding in 1980, Rosica Communications has focused on partnering with mission-driven education, healthcare, and nonprofit clients – with the goal of amplifying our partners’ social impact.


We’ve written extensively on the topic of authenticity – and it’s no wonder. Agency President Chris Rosica authored one of the first books on the topic entitled The Authentic Brand. We believe authenticity and storytelling are a powerful combination and can effectively differentiate organizations while building their thought leadership.

Today, employees are astute – able to identify companies that are sincere in their efforts to create social change or strive toward a unified (and meaningful) mission. Conversely, they can spot those that are not. A notable Forbes article states, “Consumers and employees see through platitudes and hold companies accountable when their stated values and actions do not align.”

Working with national and regional nonprofits such as American Student Assistance, The Language Conservancy (TLC), Horatio Alger Association, Newark Trust for Education, and The Salvation Army Greater New York has allowed our team to use their talents and directly make an impact, supporting our nonprofit clients with passion and determination. Chris Rosica, states, “We are able to make a difference because we constantly strive to help our nonprofit clients achieve their goals.” He also says, “Working with mission-driven clients ignites and engages our team. Having an authentic connection with the work we do strengthens PR, social media, and communications outcomes. The passion for this work is palpable amongst our team and I am grateful that our clients recognize it.”

Employee Relations

Members of the workforce are increasingly expressing the importance of employers fostering a mission-driven environment. Employees want purpose infused in corporate culture to bring meaning to their work and to provide an opportunity to create impact.

Both internal and external stakeholders want to see that companies actively live out their stated missions and values. True mission-driven work revolves not only around authenticity but consistency. This means organizations should ensure their missions are central to the work they plan and execute – and that inspiration and passion align with the perspiration required to generate results. We recently wrote about corporate social responsibility and believe these principles overlap. You can read the article here.

Research from McKinsey found that “When employees feel that their purpose is aligned with the organization’s purpose, the benefits expand to include stronger employee engagement, heightened loyalty, and a greater willingness to recommend the company to others.” The workforce seeks purpose and prefer to work for companies that help them live out their purpose and values at work.

Our team is motivated by the opportunity to support meaningful work and initiatives. Rosica PR and Marketing Coordinator Micah Carroll says, “I feel energized each day by the inspiring stories we help our clients tell. He adds that, “I am proud to use communications as a force of good, amplifying our clients’ messages and, in turn, creating positive social impact.”

A Long-term Commitment

Just as strategic cause marketing requires commitment, to be a purpose-driven entity demands consistency. It’s one thing to speak about infusing a mission into our daily work life and another to center work on it.

Rosica’s decades-long commitment to social impact has helped us build longstanding relationships with partners who trust our ability to execute purposeful work and achieve meaningful outcomes. In turn, we enjoy doing work with organizations and nonprofits whose values align with ours.

SVP of Client Service Kathy Carliner expresses how much she appreciates working for client-partners with values that align with her own. She states, “Our nonprofit clients are making strides on behalf of the one in four Americans with disabilities; kids who are cheated out of an effective education because they don’t have access to the same tools that others have; and families who are in desperate need of food and shelter.” Kathy adds, “Most days I can’t decide whose issues I’m advancing: my clients,’ or my own. This is my dream job.”


Working with purpose helps motivate employees and drive outcomes that stakeholders value. It is essential that organizations authentically lead with purpose and build around it every day. Mission-driven companies have an opportunity to truly showcase who they are and make a lasting impact on the world around them. Our partnerships with organizations like ASA, Newark Trust for Education, Horatio Alger Association, National Society of High School Scholars, and Salvation Army in NJ and Greater New York, would not be possible without a commitment to advancing issues that matter most. These organizations share our values of advancing equity and leveling the playing field, and that is what makes our collaborations effective and purposeful.

Rosica is proud to have a team that brings their inspiration, grit, and motivation to make the world better. Mission-driven work makes all of us better, and we encourage companies to find ways of incorporating their values into their day-to-day routines.