Telebrands: The King of Infomercials Mentors Budding Inventors

Telebrands_GMAIn providing marketing and public relations services to the pioneering “As Seen on TV” company, TELEBrands, Rosica realized the visionary founder of the business was much more than an average entrepreneur. A.J. Khubani’s record of discovering and selling useful and inventive products through direct response television helped establish the “infomercial” as an iconic symbol of American marketing culture and earned him the title of “Infomercial King.”  TELEBrand’s success with products ranging from Ambervision sunglasses, Doggy Steps, the Stick Up Bulb to the PedEgg proved his knack for identifying products that consumers wanted and led Rosica to promote him as a business leader who could help struggling inventors develop their ideas into top-sellers. In the process, Khubani helped elevate the image of the direct response TV industry.

Rosica has organized creative events for Khubani to showcase his talent. One such event was modeled after a talent search to determine who would be TV’s next great pitchman or woman. National media coverage included “The View”, the “Today Show,”  “Fox and Friends,”  USAToday, the Associated Press and countless other major news and online media outlets.