Aiya: Serving up Success

Pure White Ceremonial Gift Set 2Aiya is the world’s largest producer of Matcha green tea, but the company was little known in the United States and engaged Rosica to help raise its profile. We capitalized on Aiya’s hottest new products, including portable “Aiya Matcha To Go” sticks, and began educating the media about this ancient, hip and healthful beverage. Through relationships with leading food and nutrition writers we secured national coverage in mainstream and natural living outlets. Print and online articles in Parade, Oxygen, Clean Living and even Town & Country reached a broad range of consumers with practical ways to enjoy Aiya Matcha. We tapped popular bloggers to develop signature recipes using cooking grade Aiya Matcha and successfully served those up to the media as well. We supported Aiya’s presence at specialty food trade shows and generated articles in the trade press to support their retail distribution goals.