B2B & Professional Services


Rosica brings a strategic mindset and years of experience to companies in the B2B, agency, media and professional services marketplace. We raise awareness and elevate the profiles of media buying firms, advertising agencies, online marketing companies, media companies and packaging/design firms. On the professional services side, we represent law firms, commercial banks, engineering firms, architects and real estate companies. We help them with their positioning and messaging and support their activities at tradeshows and conferences, develop content and communications materials and manage awards submissions, among other activities. Many of our consumer marketing clients utilize us on the B2B side as well to generate articles and features in such outlets as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, CNN, Bloomberg and a plethora of trade publications.

The media relations work we do on behalf of our clients is informed by a keen understanding of how their businesses work, the competitive media environment and what’s trending now. We have a wide network of media contacts, and know how to pitch a story so that it results in compelling coverage. Moreover, our media trainers work with C-suite executives to prepare for interviews that engage with audiences and convey memorable messages.