Corporate Communications


Manage the Message, Manage Change

Rosica helps organizations think and act strategically and communicate effectively to achieve their business and marketing objectives. We are experienced in all aspects of corporate communications and can seamlessly supplement in-house capabilities. Our expertise includes:

  • Internal and external communications
  • Positioning
  • Strategic counsel
  • Message development
  • Product launch support and ongoing promotion
  • Online strategies
  • Corporate social responsibility or strategic philanthropy
  • Crisis management
  • Tradeshow strategies, PR and support
  • Internal meeting support (sales, KOL, etc.)
  • Speech writing (CEO, town hall meetings, stakeholder communications)
  • Change management and communications

Strategic Philanthropy

Recognizing the immense potential of corporate philanthropy, we help clients tell their stories through philanthropic partnerships. Unlike Cause Marketing campaigns, this effort primarily addresses your employees and key customers. We are experienced in benchmarking existing programs and developing new ones, brokering partnerships with nonprofits that engage customers and employees, and leveraging existing programs to enhance our clients’ reputations. Working as your “Thinking Partner,” we help clients develop, articulate and communicate messages to the right audiences, with the right tone and personality and in the right venues.